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I  have worked with dogs professionally since 2008. Both in a doggie daycare and the veterinarian field. After saying goodbye to my 3 animals within 15 months, I decided to do something positive for other people's animals.

After completing an internship with The Balanced Dog, LLC in Fulks Run Virginia, I opened Peace of Mind Dog Training, LLC. 

I also attended a shadow program in 2021 with internationally known dog trainer, Sean O’Shea, owner of The good dog training and rehabilitation.

  My main goal is helping dogs and their humans better understand each other so they can live in harmony. Perhaps  your dog jumps all over you and your company. Maybe they pull you while walking and/or exhibit leash reactivity etc. I will not only correct the behavior but also explain why these behaviors are going on.

  My training is a balanced method incorporating positive reinforcement for the behavior we desire and correction for unwanted behavior. Since you are the one who is your dogs leader, your dedication is the most important part. Together we will create the relationship you have always desired.

Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30-6:00


Text us 910-262-8735 or e-mail us to set up a free phone consultation 

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Everyone deserves a peaceful home!

Pet Services Pricing 

Adult dogs (over 6 months):

 $330 for 2 In home one-on-one training lessons. Addressing behavioral issues in addition to any obedience training. 

Puppy package (under 6 months):

$500 for 4 in home one-on-one training lessons.

*$125 for each additional lesson at your request*

***Board and Train packages are determined by the trainer and a $900 NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required 2 weeks prior to scheduled board and train***

$750   7-10 day stay (great for training while you’re on vacation) 

Leash etiquette 

Basic obedience ( sit, down, come)

Jumping on guests

                            $1800 2 weeks ( good for owners who want a solid obedience foundation, proper leash etiquette and overall manners)

                            $2700 3 weeks ( good for dogs with moderate behavioral issues: leash reactivity, resource guarding etc.)


                            $3800 4-5 weeks ( Complete off leash reliability)


   ***All board and train programs include 1 follow up training session***






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Peace of Mind Dog Training, LLC

Wilmington, NC

Carolina Beach, NC

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Call me and let's discuss your dogs training needs.

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1) Can I teach my older dog better

manners? Yes you can! With consistency and patience we can change unwanted behavior 2) Is it too late to help my aggressive dog? A truly aggressive dog may need rehabilitation with our board and train program. 3) I’ve only used positive training and I don’t want to hurt my dog. A huge misconception is that discipline equals abuse. That is 100% wrong when you understand and use correction in the right way. We need to communicate with them so they know what is acceptable and what is not. 4) How will I be able to handle my dog when you’re done with a board and train? We will meet up and have a group session so you know what to do going forward. Also, a follow up session is included with this program to ensure success.

Wilmington, NC 28412


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